Monday, August 10, 2015

I Need Beer to Write.

Ian Cooper.

I need beer to write.

Lately I’ve been getting about 250 words per beer consumed.

I need approximately 240 beers just to complete a 60,000-word manuscript. 

Then there’s the whole editing, proofreading and formatting process. We need to make a cover, write a blurb and upload our shiny new opus to all of them different platforms.

We are talking, ladies and gentlemen, of a minimum of about 350 beers, I kid you not, just to produce one measly little novel of pulp detective fiction.

Like any other person in any other occupation or walk of life, we suffer all the usual challenges of providing food, shelter and clothing, transportation for ourselves.

That’s not to say you can’t help, because you can.

The best way to buy beer for me is to go over to Amazon or any fine retailer, type in Ian Cooper and buy one of my books.

I promise not to squander that on anything too anti-social.

Just beer, ladies and gentlemen.


Here's my story, Legs, which is often free on Kindle.

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