Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On Right-Wingers.

WW II Universal Carrier, (mortar) as used by Canadians. (Paul Hermans.)

“If you don’t want to stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.”
So goeth the popular and even fairly common bumper-sticker here in Canada; which as you may know; sort of lies there sideways, snuggling in close and spooning with America.
If leftists are so unpatriotic and perhaps even cowardly, why was the former Soviet Union such a big threat during the former Cold War; a former phenomenon of the upper northern hemisphere?
Was the place formerly being run by a bunch of leftist right-wingers?
And why does the People’s Democratic Republic of China have to be perceived as such a big military threat, an issue which pops up from time to time in popular media coverage? People’s news coverage.  Democratic news coverage. Sometimes even Republican news coverage. It even turns up in Chinese news coverage.
(I think you’re onto something here. It might even be some kind of secret code. Careful you don’t sign away those film rights. I’ll call Tom Hanks right away. –ed.)
In Afghanistan, or Iraq, or the former Northwest Frontier Province of Kiplingesque, Khyber Pass memory, are the Taliban or Al Quaeda; are they like the right-wingers in their country?
What does a left-winger look like in Afghanistan?
(An ineffectual puppet installed by some superpower. –ed.)
Well, I guess we got it good here then, eh? We install our own ineffectual puppets.
You know, with D-Day type news presence from the TV, Marcia Kirck-Schmedlowzitz would look good in a pith helmet and a beige bush jacket with all kinds of handy pockets…you know, the pleated pockets with matte buttons that don’t shine in the moonlight.
    (Quite frankly you lost me somewhere old boy. –ed.)
What’s this? Oh, sorry. Togoland, dummy. We’re going into Togoland. Get with the program. Holy crap. So anyway…
Um, when we send troops over there to fight them, are those people our right-wingers?
Because I can see the poetic justice in that.
The trouble with the left-wingers in this country is that they have a vast military-industrial complex, very well connected (yet it’s an illegal hook-up,) in the outhouses of power. And essentially, they’re using it to grow pot!
You’d think they would try to build a better bomb or something, or even a bigger, more expensive multi-role attack plane. Something useful, maybe show some reverence for something greater than themselves.
(A big corporation? –ed.)
You know? What a curious misapplication of resources.
I just don’t know what this old world is coming to sometimes.
All I can say is, sometimes the middle ground is highly-contested by parties who seem to forget that us normal people have to live somewhere.
    To coin a phrase; it kind of inhales rapidly.
    What we should do is to set up some kind of international institution, one where all parties can come together in mutual accord, and provide everyone with a kind of forum or arena where our bad people can fight their bad people.
Now that would really be something.
(Out of the mouths of babes sometimes come pearls of wisdom. But more often it’s just a little bit of vomit or maybe some of that foamy, yellowy, gucky goop. –ed. )


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