Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Note. Ian Cooper.

by Ian Cooper.

The literary erotic novelette entitled ‘The Note’ is based on some experiences that happened to me many years ago. It’s not really autobiographical in nature because of all the changes made to the basic story line, and in fact things up ended a lot differently in my case.
Devlin, whose last name is never given in the story, is young, he’s a long ways away from home, and he’s lonely and inexperienced. He kills a lot of time driving around or drinking in his room. He seems a bit immature. These bits are autobiographical.
This was a fun story to write. And it’s true: there was a place where I lived and worked, some interesting things happened, and I still think about that place today. I still refer back to those experiences, those people, that particular time and place in my life, and yes, back to a time when I was young. My whole life lay ahead of me and it seemed the world was my oyster.
It seems to me that no fear equates with no experience. Perhaps that’s the difference. As we get older we’re less likely to take those risks, and perhaps to seek those joys which are the province of the young, and those with not much to lose and possibly everything to gain.
There is no beating the optimism of youth. It’s true I made some mistakes, pretty much the same ones Devlin made.
Those experiences helped me to become who I am today and perhaps it is wise to keep that in perspective.

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